My Reasons.

IMG_3944Hi there,

I’m a middle-aged woman (can’t go as far as to call myself a lady), quickly approaching 50. Over the last 2 years I have gained 6 Grandchildren, lost 2 parents, started a holiday cottage in an annexe attached to my house and quit my job as I felt time was running out and resented not being able to spend time with the little Grandkids who seem to be swiftly not being so little!

But old people like you don’t blog you say? True….. and this is a moment of madness. But my reasons are;

  1. I’m opinionated and have experience of ‘things’. So expect posts on ‘things’
  2. One of the Grand kiddies has a dairy and soya allergy and I’ve learnt some great tips, tricks and recipes that I’d like to share to try and make someone struggling with this’ life easier. Expect posts on this subject.
  3. I love gadgets, if theres a new gadget or trend, I usually get it or look at it ( I’m one of the rare over 45’s that have an apple watch). I’ll give you my honest opinion.
  4. I’m upset by how much pressure my children have had put on them to ‘parent correctly’. They have spent so much time worrying about if they are doing it right that I feel they’ve missed some of the fun. So, I’ll discuss this with you, things I probably can’t say to them.
  5. I have such a vast array of guests staying in the holiday cottage……..some people are strange…I’ll share my stories.
  6. I’ve always wanted to write a diary. Not that you’ll be interested but I’ll also be writing about my life 49 & 3/4.

I’m sure I will add to this list, but it’s a start for now.

Welcome aboard this rollercoaster of life.



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