GTECH K9 Air Ram

By now unless you live on the moon you’ll have seen the adverts for cordless vacuum cleaners on the TV screens. I purchased mine about 18 months ago. I went to the Gtech website and purchased online direct after using one very briefly at my Dads house. I went the whole hog (I love gadgets) and bought the K9 version designed for pets plus the handheld vacuum as well as a package. I read and believed the hype it was stronger, besides that I have 2 dogs so why wouldn’t I. I also have a very poor track record for destroying vacuums and seem to have been through quite a few or they stop picking up properly very quickly.
Delivery was quick and the exciting (yes I really do get excited about new things…even vacuums) box was on my living room floor within 48 hours.

Putting it together was stress free, I’m very good at following step-by-step instructions and in no time it was there in front of me twitching to be used. I resisted and let it have a proper charge overnight. I met the first obstacle with this though, I had wanted to charge it in the kitchen but the lead wasn’t long enough to reach the sockets above the counter so it went in the dining room instead.
It is far less bulky than a regular vacuum and can easily fir in a larder cupboard but mine tends to be on permanent stand by in the dining room.
Then came the moment of Truth. I hadn’t been convince this little lightweight vacuum would cope with all the rubbish my 2 spaniels drag in. I had intended it to be ‘a quick pick up of crumbs’ occasional use gadget so I’d already swept my carpets with the big plug in regular vacuum. Unable to not give it a go I switched it on and ran it across my already cleaned carpets. I was amazed, the fluff and dust it picked up had me gobsmacked. I did the stairs as well, so light and easy to manoeuvre. I was converted.
So 18 months later and I still haven’t used the plug in vacuum since. I think I have used my Air Ram almost daily. I can clean the whole house on one charge and also use it to clean my holiday cottage next door. No more lugging a big vacuum backwards and forwards. That now lives in the holiday cottage to encourage guests to clean up after themselves! I’ve never had a problem with needing it when it hasn’t any charge as I tend to use it then plug in and leave on charge ready and waiting. Emptying it is truly satisfying, seeing the little bales of filth drop into the bin. I still wouldn’t empty it into an inside bin as I like to give the filters a good sharp tap to release all the dust. I have cleaned the filters every 3/4 months and sometimes had a bit of an issue getting the rubber seal to clip back on and can be little fiddly but not enough to stop me singing it’s praises. As yet I have had no battery issues or worries about the battery life and it does get used A LOT!
This gadget is so easy to use my 2 year old Grandson often comes and uses it to help in tidying up, yes it is that simple!! And there is the beauty, its simplicity. There is nothing to get blocked or go wrong!
The handheld I got at the same time hasn’t had as much use, but is good and works. The best use is the long necked brush for doing skirting edges and behind radiators. It’s great for upholstery and crevices. My only issue is putting it back together after emptying, never quite sure if I have the centre cone the right way up? But it works so can’t be too far wrong. There does seem to be quite a bit of dust gets stuck the wrong side of the filter but I use this as a sign to empty it. It is much better than any previous cordless little handhelds I’ve had but doesn’t rank in my must haves like the Air Ram. But as a duo, they have the vacuuming sewn up!
My daughter, having used mine a couple of times recently purchased her own………… I’m now looking forward to mine needing replacing so I can have the new model with HEADLIGHTS!! She is also now a fan!!
This is definitely a good piece of kit.


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