Sage- The fast Slow Pro Slow cooker. By Heston Blumenthal.

I’m sure I can’t be the only one that has a cupboard full of kitchen things that were used non stop on first purchase to shortly be relegated to the back of a cupboard. Rarely to see light of day again. Nor can I be the only one who thought pressure cookers were things from a by gone age that once fizzled and hissed in kitchens. Prepare to change your views. If there was one piece of equipment to buy this year this is it. The Fast Slow Prow slow cooker from Sage by Heston Blumenthal.
I purchased this as a replacement to my slow cooker that had stopped working. I had recently read an article that talked about the advantages in both time saving and nutritional value of pressure cooking so was tempted by the sheer beauty of this piece of kit and decided to give it a whirl.


It doesn’t come cheap at just under £200 so this needed to be good. It comes complete with a recipe book to get you going.

On first look at the instructions I thought it was going to be a little complicated so I followed a couple of the recipes to the letter. I was more intrigued by the pressure cooker as having had a slow cooker, I knew what that was about and to be honest, find slow cooker food has a slow cooker taste.

The recipes I used turned out great and by the end of the 2nd, which was the roast chicken in 30 minutes! I was comfortable in my knowledge of what all the different buttons and dials did.
One of my favourite features is the sear function. Browning meat, softening vegetables (sauce function) all in the one pot so saving on multiple pans to clean. On that note this bowl is so easy to clean and is just wipeable. It can be put in the dishwasher too, but due to loving this beast I only wash it by hand. It also has  very useful saute, reduce and steam functions. Cooking under pressure really does seem to keep in all the flavour and make things incredibly tender but without the complete collapse of meat as I had previously experienced through slow cooking.
Things cooked are beautifully tender and it really is quick. There is no hissing and fizzling as if it’s about to explode like my memory of pressure cookers of old. I rarely use my oven now as this is so easy to use and keep clean, time saving is incredible.

Another favourite thing I use it for is vegetable using steam method. It does this so quickly and without filling my kitchen full of steam as before. Fresh beetroot is amazing done in the pressure cooker. I would previously have needed to boil or steam for an hour, now 15 mins in the pressure cooker using the trivet and steam basket on potato setting and I have beautifully tender, full of flavour beetroot.

I no longer feel the need to look up how long I need to cook each item for and regularly make my own recipes. Food keeps it’s individual flavour and doesn’t bleed into each other to make everything taste the same.
This is one kitchen gadget I don’t see being exiled to the “I have one of those somewhere but never use it” cupboard.
I highly recommend to all, give pressure cooking a go, it doesn’t need to be a top of the range like this one, the principles to the cheaper stove top models are the same and these days very safe.
This model can be purchased from many high street stores like lakeland limited, John Lewis, amazon etc.


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