Hay fever, I don’t understand…..


Being one of the millions of people who suffer with hay fever during the not so summery Summer months in the UK, I am a purchaser of hay fever tablets and eye drops.

Going to the local supermarket the other day to refill my supply, it struck me HOW are some of the health companies still in business. Are people so flush with cash they will spend £££££ just to have a prettier box.

My comparison is this;

These 2 boxes of 30 hay fever tablets have EXACTLY the same ingredient list in EXACTLY the same amounts, including the active ingredient, that’s the one that actually attempts to alleviate hay fever symptoms.

The supermarket own brand cost me £2.50 for the months supply. This although annoying I have to pay for it is not going to break the bank and is worth every penny for the alleviating of symptoms. The other packet by a well known brand Benadryl would have cost me £9.99. Which leads me to believe I would be paying £7.49 for a colourful box with a pretty sunflower on?

Does anybody actually buy them? Would love your thoughts if you do. I would also like to hear from Benadryl as to what makes there ‘pretty box’ so valuable?



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