It’s Natural

Euro this, Euro that! In or out! Hooligans!

I’m sure there are quite a few ladies out there already sick of the Euro football being on TV. Sick of seeing the mindless hooligans spoiling it for fans that are just there to enjoy the football and have good time. Don’t worry ladies, It’s natural to feel like that….

There is also the constant spatting between the politicians over should we stay in or out of Europe. No ordinary person can listen as they are all just tit for tat scaremongering so I personally switch off! It’s natural to feel like that.

The pound has weakened over fears of Brexit, have I left it too late to get my Euro’s for my holidays, will my pound buy any? Should I get them before or after this sodding referendum? Euro Euro Fucking Euro! I need a drink……..It’s natural to feel like that!

IMG_4576Cheers! And if I could work out how to join this to the daily post I would!!

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