Jamberry Nails-Independant Consultant.

“I’ve started selling nails wraps”, my friend said. She showed me her pretty nails adorned with a pretty floral pattern. On enquiring further I found that nail wraps were vinyl ‘stickers’ that are heated and pressed onto the nails. The Jamberry brand was to launch in the UK on April 5th 2016.

On April 5th I joined her ‘Facebook party’ online to take a look at these nail art designs. I was quite impressed and eagerly awaited my free sample. It appears that the online party is the new way for direct sales marketing although the Jamberry Brand also encourage home parties – think Tupperware or Avon for your nails!

My free sample arrived and armed with nothing more than a hairdryer, I applied the little blighter to my pointer finger on my right hand (I wanted to see if this nail would really stand up to my life). I painted my other nails with lacquer (badly). This was suppose to be a 7 day challenge. 5 days later I had to remove the lacquer as it was so chipped and messy on my hands, I left the nail wrap in place as it was still pristine. Other than an odd run over with a nail file at the tip it was holding up well. They are marketed to last unto 2 weeks on hands and up to 6 weeks on toes.


Finally after 16 days I felt the need to remove it, (which was also very quick and easy with none of the damage, drying or flaking after gel) due to nail regrowth. The nail wrap had sold its self. I flicked through the catalogue and wanted all the pretty designs… it gets you like that. I totted up what my first order would be with a couple of different designs. The wraps come on a sheet with enough for 2 manicure, 2 pedicures and a couple of spare for accent nails. I also put the mini heater on my list as it is so quiet and I would be able to do my nails whilst watching TV without suffering the moaning of my other half not being able to hear the TV. I quickly got to a basket costing over £100. S0, I decided I would buy the starter kit as an independent consultant.

Now like many of you I’m very wary of multi layer business marketing models (it’s not the same as a pyramid scheme) but the thing is I wanted the goods so you either become a customer or if you want the discount and full kit you join as a consultant. The latter is what I ended up deciding to do. So I messaged my friend asking if she minded being my sponsor (you need one to join, there’s the first layer in the business scheme) telling her I wasn’t expecting to make a living out of it and she wouldn’t get much commission from me as I was mainly in it for the kit and the discount! She had no problem with this and I made my order. Apparently in the direct sales market there’s a name for people who just want the kit- Kitnapper!


The kit arrived quickly and I had a go at applying a full manicure and pedicure from the free sheets in with the kit. They weren’t the ones I would have chosen but they were pretty and summery. The heater was fab, so quiet you can hardly tell when it is on, they were fun to apply and the no drying time is ideal for me as I can’t sit still for 2 minutes! You also have some online lessons, mainly to teach you marketing and quite high pressure sales techniques but really these sell themselves. I went through the training and decided I would have a party ‘online’ just to try and get back some of the initial outlay I’d made. I got my 3 daughters on board as they have a far bigger friends list than me and we had a party! It was quite fun and I had reasonable engagement from our guests. As the host of the party I earned a free sheet of nails as well as one at 50% and as a consultant earned half my initial outlay back in commission on my first party. Not sure if that promotes me to hobbyist.

The upshot is I love them, after the first attempt when I experienced a little wrinkling at the side of one nail I have learnt tips and trick to stop this and find them much quicker and easier to do. The designs are lovely and just wish my 3 grown up daughter were small again so I could purchase the mummy and me designs to share.

One of the best things about them though is the benefit my daughter found. She is a nail biter, so doesn’t have nails, just little stubs! We applied the manicure and 16 days later when we took them off she had pretty, healthy nails that hadn’t been bitten once!! Now that is a result!!

So if you want pretty nails, get the complete kit or start a business selling the nails jump on board. As I say, I am between a Kitnapper and a Hobbyist so can’t comment on how much of a business you can make from it, but they are fun!

You can purchase from me at;






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