I don’t know what ‘normal’ is.

I run a holiday let in an annexe attached to my house, I’m lucky the area we live is close to the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales and is a hot spot for tourists. It has however, created a doubt in my mind to what a ‘normal’ person is? I see such a diverse type of person that I’m now of the opinion that there is NO normal. That includes myself, I’m far from normal and to be honest, the randomness and difference in people is what defines us from robots. We all react to  situations differently, whether that be social, stressful or choices we have.

This section of my blog is going to discuss the different people that come through my doors. Never will I give out names and will do my best to assure the people aren’t identifiable but this is from the hosts perspective.

My holiday let is listed on Air BNB and trip advisor. This is a fab way to get bookings and they come thick and fast. They take care of all the money side of things which is good for me as I find asking for or taking money from people embarrassing. I have too much self doubt that people won’t like what they get or will feel I’m charging too much. Actually I’m one of the cheapest in the area and ALWAYS make sure the cottage is spotless.

I allow dogs and have found that people who bring their pets are far more likely to leave the cottage clean and tidy. I think that is mainly due to being so grateful to be able to bring their pets with them.

This morning I’m waiting for the couple who have been in for the last 5 days to make signs of leaving so I can get in to clean for another guest tonight doing the long journey from Scotland to down South. We are ideally placed for the North/south or vice versa travellers to stop over for a break. The couple who’ve been in all week have been very elusive. Other than the initial contact on the first arrival, I’ve not seen them! They’ve been out all day and sneak in quickly in the evening….. this makes me nervous, are they ok? Is everything going well? Maybe they are just enjoying being left alone? People rate my cottage on Trip advisor and AirBNB, these ratings can make or break the bookings for the next few months. Most people leave good honest reviews and I am currently a ‘super host’ for getting mostly 5* reviews. Sometimes though people will say to your face everything has been wonderful and how much they loved it and then only give a 4* review. They don’t always put it in perspective for how much they pay. That is why I always get a little nervous as they leave or arrive. I’ve heard car door shut…Arrrgh best go and see if I can say Goodbye!

All is ok, they were lovely, thankful and grateful.This was an easy one, they left the cottage spotless, clean and tidy. This is more common with an AirBNB booking as Holiday let owners also get to rate the guests!! They left some lovely comments in the guest book.


So on with the change of sheets and cleaning for the next arrival.

IMG_4583The not so glamorous side of holiday letting.

Windows thrown open, let it air for a while before the cleaning. Just time for a coffee (love my nespresso).IMG_4585

A thorough dust round, vacuum and clean and it’s all ready for the next victim… I mean guest!IMG_4582


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