Open the God damn Jar.

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We’ve all been there, we want a bit of pickle with our cheese, beetroot with salad or jam on our. Go to the cupboard and take out the brand new shiny jar. I love being the first to dip into a jar, gives me the same feeling as writing at the top of a new page, clean un spoilt plus you don’t run the risk of getting a mouldy spoonful of jam..

Having made our choice from the glory cupboard, mouth starting to salivate at just the thought we attempt to open the jar. Hmmm this lid is tight, doesn’t want to open! Try again, maybe using a tea towel to try and get a better grip, holding it between our knees trying to turn with the other hand. Nope, the little blighter does NOT want to open.

There are a few tips and tricks when faced with this dilemma. I could pass to my husband and give him a ago? I have small hands so he’ll have a much better leverage than me. These jars are often vacuum sealed and it is hard to open as the pressure in the jar is far less than out, so the lid doesn’t turn, the trick is to release the pressure.

  • We can tap the lid sharply a couple of times on the kitchen work surface, sometimes this is enough to break the seal of the vacuum and it will open.
  • Put an elastic band around the lid, makes it easier to grip. But who has the perfect size elastic band to hand all the time!! My toast is getting cold here.
  • Put on a rubber glove. Again the grip is much better.
  • Run the lid under the hot tap, warming it slightly will cause expansion and sometimes makes the lid easier to move.
  • If these other methods have failed, the got to method is placing a spoon or knife between the lid and the jar and levering outwards enough to break the seal of the vacuum (not so much to damage the lid). This one is usually a foolproof method.


However, if this fails….. I never wanted the stupid jam anyway.



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