Bloke from down under!

Last nights guest was a rare one nighter. Occasionally I open up bookings in the cottage for people just wanting to stay one night. Usually as a fill in between two longer bookings. The Gentleman arrived, looking bit unsure if he was in the right place so I went out to greet him and show him in.

He was charming, obviously from Australia or New Zealand. I tentatively enquired which, hoping not to upset him by not being able to tell. Australia and New Zealand seem to have the rival banter like we English do with the Irish or Scottish. I’m still not sure which as his reply was, he was from one but lived for so many years in the other, just not made the full transition as he hadn’t had his brain removed yet! Make your own mind up about that one!!

He was travelling around having come over for a family wedding, generally camping but finding a bed if the weather was going to be very wet.

Wise choice as 10 minutes after his arrival a mighty thunderstorm arrived and the heavens opened! Satellite TV wouldn’t work and I awaited the power cut, thankfully this never came.

Anyway, he’s just left, so on to see what’s left behind.


Well what a Gent, he left the cottage lovely and clean. Wouldn’t have known he’d used the kitchen other than the faint smell of bacon. No message in the guest book but he did send me a personal message.

He was a self confessed coffee snob, so I’d pointed him in the direction to find some lovely coffee and stock up on his beans. Even campers like good coffee. I suggested he look out for Kircabi, a new coffee bean roasting company just started in Kirkby Lonsdale.  I’m hearing great things about Kircabi Roasters. He found it at a lovely independent coffee house, The Bristly Hog in Kendal.


I do feel so lucky with the majority of my guests. I really want them to have a nice stay, it almost feels like a personal insult if they don’t. Its the personal touches.

Love these hand made soaps I provide my guests, sourced from a small company in Scotland. Fresh flowers from the garden whenever possible.

Another satisfied customer! Isn’t Life Grand when it all goes well.


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