City = hard pavements.


The prompt today of ‘City’ for me was tough. I’ve never lived in a City, nor do I have any great yearning to live in one. I love to visit and enjoy having anything you may want close at hand, but it’s always nice to leave and get back to where the pavements aren’t so hard. Feet always ache after a shopping spree in the city.

Inhabitants of Cities, probably walk further in day to day life then they realise, and probably further than us country bumpkins. City dwellers may have a better transport system, but they’ll walk to the bus stop or the tube/metro. True country dwellers will jump in a car as there is no other transport system.

But what is a City?

Trying to get to the answer of this question, is as hard as the pavements the cities are lined with. Every definition is a long winded explanation of there not actually being a definition. Theres talk of Royal elevation to the status by the Monarch. Having a population of more than 300,000 people, but Wales has one with a population of 1,800. A Cathedral was necessary in the past, but no longer a requirement.

So in the absence of a definition, does a City actually exist?






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