Aimless wilfing at epidemic levels.


Many people browse the internet aimlessly for hours, this is known as wilfing. Wilfing comes from the phrase ‘what was I looking for’. When I say many, I should maybe say most. Have you ever found yourself clicking on sites, posts or searching mindlessly?

It can be a distraction at work, a distraction at home causing less communication and even a distraction at school or college. The internet is accessible just about anywhere making aimless searching a growing trend. Some work sites even have search engines to capture  purchases/searches made at work, a bit like the pay per click and receive revenue for it.

Internet shopping sites are prime places for a lot of wilfing to take place. A bit like window shopping from your armchair, bus seat, lecture hall or office. As are travel sites and news sites.

This habit is far more prevalent in the under 55’s and can be a cause of trouble in relationships due to distraction from conversations. I have witnessed people in offices clicking through site after site, being taken in by flashing site enticements then struggling to meet the deadline . This is aimless internet browsing in it’s destructive mode. There are even sites dedicated to this past time, don’t believe me? Take a look at the useless web or

I don’t think this is something that will be going away anytime soon and don’t think it’s too different from people getting lost in a newspaper or book. Just as with printed media, it is important to be able to have some self control and not waste too much of life in aimless clicking. We all need some downtime and to be able to switch off, but let’s not let it be to the destruction of physical relationships, communicating with the children, productivity at work or getting outside in the fresh air.


It is very likely you came across this post whilst wilfing. Oh, and me? Yes guilty as charged.


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