Weekend coffee share.


If I were having coffee I would tell you, I’m new to Town and really struggled to find this place, but asking people in the Street gave me directions. I would ask you how you are and what you did.

After a while I’d probably ask you if you found it easier writing posts for strangers as I do. Earlier this week, my daughter stumbled across my blog and said she liked it. I was horrified, it felt like someone had read my diary! I suppose I’m a bit shy really and liked to hide behind my anonymity. That is something I hope to overcome as I get more confident.

The conversation would inevitably turn to my Grandchildren at some point, they make me smile every day. 6 before I’m 50!! It’s the toddlers and upwards I find the funniest. I’m not a baby person, they’re nice, cute but pretty boring. I’d tell you I love watching them master language skills and their out look on life. Who else would say on being taken for a happy meal as a treat from Macdonalds, “But do they do sad meals as well?

I would tell you it’s my Birthday in a couple of weeks, The big 50. I think it is partly responsible for my move to the blogging world. I haves so many opinions to give and am just wanting to ramble away. My poor husband stopped listening years ago.

I’d tell you how nice it is to meet you and bid you Goodbye, promising we must do this again soon. Maybe next week?



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