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Summer is upon us here in the Uk and thoughts turn to packing for holidays. This year is one I’m particularly looking forward to as all my 3 daughters, their husbands and their 6 children are coming. I’ll probably need another holiday to recover as the 6 children are all 2 or younger! Oh don’t pull a face like that I’ve made sure my husband and I have our own apartment to escape to, I’m not totally stupid. I’m super excited if truth be known. It’s much to infrequently that we all manage to get together.

I’m hoping that my family with me will make turning 50 whilst we’re away a little less painful. I adore spending time with my children and their children. I particularly find the toddlers entertaining.

A lot of work needs to be done before we go, I’ll have to tidy the garden, don’t want to return to a jungle. I love all the summer flowers in the garden but my garden tends to look better in Spring, by Summer it’s all a little overgrown.

One thing we can be sure of about this Summer is it will turn into Autumn and Winter will follow. But I don’t mind, I actually like all the Seasons. Just think we could do with a little less rain for a while please if you can sort it. People round here are just getting their lives back together after all the December floods.


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