Companion, a mans best friend.


When I saw the daily prompt of companion, for once I didn’t have to think about it for hours, I knew exactly what the word meant to me. I had a fleeting worry as normal about the fact no-one else is going to care, but sod it. The daily prompt is about thought provocation and this is how it worked for me.

I have 2 awesome dogs. Both English Cocker Spaniels, a Mother and her Son. They drive me crackers! often getting into the vegetable patch and eating the veg ( these 2 will do anything for a few carrot tops). Bringing in muddy paws when it’s been raining.

I’m ashamed to say trying to nip the postman heels, well the Mother does, she’s called Penny. Why I have no idea, anyone else is fine, she just doesn’t like postmen or women.

But no matter what mood I’m in, these 2 are always pleased to see me, never moan, never turn their nose up at dinner, never answer back. They listen attentively with waggy tail and smile (yes actually smile), sit on me, even if I’m squashed in Winter to be my hot water bottle. Always eager to go out and play with never a cross word.

They are true companions and whoever the person was that said dogs are threatened when they are cuddled recently, clearly hadn’t met these 2 who demand cuddles all day.

I make no apologies for delivering a post on the obvious choice from the word companion, as these 2 have companionship in bucket loads, oozing from every pore.

Thank you daily Prompt for giving me an opportunity to showcase my companions.

A place to bin those irritating things!



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