When it doesn’t quite go to plan.

A recent couple staying in the holiday cottage, didn’t have the best of starts to say the least. They were over from Holland. On the day they arrived I was with my family at a local country show, it was a glorious sunny day. I got a phone call whilst I was there from the guests saying they were at the cottage and how do they get in, they’d been waiting for 3 hours. I could tell he was a little stressed and explained to him he had all the access details on the email but gave them to him again anyway. I told him if he needed me to come back I would as he sounded a bit upset. He said he would prefer it if I did as he had a problem. A bit pissed off that I had to leave my family I set off home which was only about 5 minutes away. I have to admit I was a little worried as the gentleman although his English was a little disjointed I could tell he really wasn’t happy.

On arriving at the cottage, I soon found out why.

Now I probably need to explain to you I have a large garden with a long drive and lots of room for cars. I was alarmed to see the vehicle belonging to the guest had no back window and glass everywhere. Thankfully, in the 5 minutes it had taken to get home the couple and their daughter had managed to find their smiles (maybe as in the 3 hours they’d been waiting they’d been to the pub across the road). I failed to enquire if this was pre accident or not ;).

On further enquiry it seems he had unloaded their bikes, then was turning round to take the car nearer to the cottage and reversed into a tree.


This is the offending tree ( bit of a photo bomb from my dog), you see it’s not a small tree, not difficult to miss, is it? It is an old Victorian apple tree. His wife let slip that it was also a new car. Some serious charm offensive was required as thoughts of ‘are we liable’ were racing through my head.

I called my husband and asked him to come back from the country fayre (a little dangerous as he’d been enjoying the beer tent) as he had the knowledge of what to do next as he’s a mechanic.

So husband to the rescue, he vacuumed all the glass out of the car, doing a very thorough job, removing the spare wheel to make sure he’d got it all. He explained to the gentleman that he couldn’t pick the remaining glass off as it wasn’t a rubber seal it was bonded in. He then used  my cling film to and duck tape to wrap round and round the window making it watertight. The insurance company couldn’t do anything until the Tuesday as it was a bank holiday weekend. The family were by now remarkably chipper on such a disastrous start to their UK holiday.

They carried on on their days out and were absolutely charming, beginning to get a grip of our English sarcasm not being redness, just trying to make light of a bad situation. It could have been so much worse if they weren’t such a lovely family and refused to let it spoil their stay. They even left a delightful message in the guest book.

Guest comments after their stay.

Disaster (for us) averted and I truly hope the rest of their stay in England is less eventful.

Beautiful roses and peonies, love this time of year when I can treat guests to the flowers from the garden.

Time to get sorted for the next arrivals.

A place to bin those irritating things!


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