Brexit or not.


Today, for the first time I am going to blog about something controversial, something that may get me into trouble. I am going to try and put across in simple language my feelings about why Britain would be far better off staying in the EU.

There has been far too many statements banded about that no-one really knows anymore what is true and what isn’t. So this is my take on it and you are totally within your rights to disagree, this is just my opinion.

So lets try and make it simple, read the following story and try and relate;

We are in a nursery, there are the Nursery teachers all trying to get the children to play together. The Nursery teachers got their jobs after being commissioned by a panel the majority of whom were elected and this Nursery appointed the best candidates for the posts. – (This represents the EU) This a fairly democratically run Nursery. The Nursery teachers have to have any changes to the way the Nursery is run agreed by a board of members whom have been elected (parliaments).

Parents pay fees for their children to attend this Nursery, in return the children get access to a toy market that they can trade their toys with other children at the Nursery. Children who don’t attend the Nursery have to pay huge fees to be able to even offer their toys into this exchange, quite often these fees are far too much to make it possible for other children to use this market as they would have to charge to much for their trades when the children can already get them cheaply as they are members. The children and their families in the Nursery have become much richer since they joined as the children find it easy to make these trades so they all have more. If the children leave the Nursery they lose these opportunities. They maybe able to trade elsewhere, but who knows, there toy pile may just stack up and not be taken up by anyone, if it was they would have to pay heavy costs. Other children at the Nursery don’t want Brian (Britain) to leave as they enjoy trading with him but Brian needs the toys he gets from the Nursery more than the Nursery need his, as they can get toys like his from elsewhere in this single market that Brian would probably no longer be a part of.

Some children have been arriving at the Nursery from other areas around the Nursery teachers patch, they bring knowledge and they help and give Brian new skills as well as being friends. Brian is worried that too many children are coming into his Nursery and their won’t be enough toys or things to do for him. The Nursery teachers explain that if Brian wants he can go to another Nursery in the group and they will still be able to trade toys with him. The Nursery board will have to do something about the bigger problem about people coming into his nursery from outside the group and wanting to take Brian’s toys for nothing. This understandably worries Brian, but one of the new children is a boy who has no toys, Brian shares his toys because he is kind until the boy is in a position to return to the Nursery he cam from. If Brian left the Nursery, he would have no say in who comes in or out, it isn’t as easy as locking the door.

The Teachers keep the door locked when Brian is at Nursery as unfortunately in this world there are some evil people who carry out evil things in the name of religion. There is no religion I know that asks for hate crimes. All the Nursery teachers work together to keep the children safe. And a lot of children at Brian’s nursery misunderstand Muslim faiths, true Muslims are gentle and peaceful it is wrong to taint them with the viciousness that has grown up in some factors. In-fact there was a rally in London yesterday by Muslims against these big bullies, but no-one shouted about that. Religion is about tolerance and Unity. I too am very guilty of having much knowledge about the Muslim faith, but am very willing to accept our differences.

The Nursery teachers get to vote for major changes or rules in the  Nursery, Brian’s Nursery teacher has only been on the losing side of a vote 2% in the last 16 years, she’s doing well and is a big voice in the Nursery. Children who are not in the Nursery don’t have this same protection. If Brian left the Nursery, not many would listen to his little voice.

Vote wisely tomorrow Britain, don’t give up on Democracy, a vote in would mean we can continue to work towards solving the problems, a vote out would mean Brian standing out in the cold.

Give Brian a chance to grow stronger, he can always leave at a later date if things can’t be improved as Brian’s teacher has already protected him from certain things. If Brian leaves, he can’t go back to Nursery. Brian’s to important to mess up.

Fee free to argue the toss below. 🙂



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