Half Full or Half Empty



I’m not sure who I should be giving credit to for this, it’s a story I heard, but no idea where from or by whom, I just like it’s message. It even digresses from the ’empty’ prompt, but this is where it took me.

A lecturer stood in front of a group of students with a glass half full of water. The were all waiting for the obvious question about if the glass is half full or half empty, the eternal optimist or pessimist question. But it never came.

Instead she asked them, “How heavy is the glass?” They began to shout out their different guesses.

After a while she explained to them it is a glass of worries and fears. For a while, it is easy to hold the glass, she can cope walking around with her worries. However the longer she holds onto the glass, the heavier it becomes. After an hour, it becomes annoying, after half a day it is difficult to keep hold of the glass and it is stopping her get on with everyday things and making her arm ache. Trying to go to bed holding the glass would make sleeping nearly impossible.

How should she deal with it?

Put some straws in the glass and let people take a sip, share her worries out with others to help reach a solution. Or at least put the glass down. Let go of yesterdays worries.

The longer we hold on to our worries, they more burdensome they become. Let go of your worries before they cause you to ache.



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