If we were having coffee.

If we were having coffee, there is no way we couldn’t discuss the shock result, yes for me it was definitely shock, of the referendum result for Britain to leave the EU. I would tell you I was a little scared. I’m hoping it’s just the nervousness of change, we will see it will all be ok. I would have to let you know my fear is just look at the people who are happy about this decision in the leadership……….I fear it maybe a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire.

If we were having coffee I would then try to lighten the mood and tell you what a fool I had been and how embarrassed I’d been when I went to the shops yesterday to realise I’d only changed one foot out of my slippers! I was so mortified I went in barefoot to get the few bits I needed.

I would tell you it’s been a tough week on the whole, not most due to the probate for my Father causing upset and emotions running high. The family is still grieving and upset, causing people to see things in ways that are hurting others. It is always difficult when step children are involved. The saddest thing is the last thing my Dad would have wanted would be for people to fall out. That is sad.

Again I would try and lighten the mood, ask you to cheer me up and tell you how much I was looking forward to my holiday with my family. I will be celebrating my 50th with them. It feels strange, I don’t actually feel any different to when I was 25!!

If we were in my favourite coffee house I would do a little people watching, hell I may even stay and have another cup after you leave. It is a strange feeling waking up in England today. If nothing else it will be interesting to watch how it all pans out.



9 thoughts on “If we were having coffee.

  1. Thanks very much for the coffee and I’ll join you people watching any day. I get in some good people watching while waiting for my kids and overhearing their peers talk. Very insightful. Might no be rocket science but I do try to get into my kids’ shoes and have a bit of empathy. This usually relies on their friends telling me what’s going on.
    I would love to be visiting the UK at the moment and seeing how this Brexit decision plays out. Of course, I’m hoping for a smooth transition and nothing apocalyptic like you can hear around the traps.
    Hope you have a great week and please keep us updated on what’s going on.
    xx Rowena


  2. Hi, thanks for having me! Prayers that it all works out smoothly, in your family and your government. Glad to hear 50 doesn’t feel much different, I’ve got a few more years to go. Too funny about your slipper!


  3. Thanks for the coffee. Hope the worries in your world resolve themselves quickly. I once went to work wearing two different shoes so don’t feel too bad about the “slipper incident!”😊


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