So Britain, we’re on a voyage.


As I woke up today and heard the news that my Country has voted to leave the European Union, I’m not going to lie, my stomach leapt. Do we know what we have done? I hear many of the voters to leave are over 45? That again surprises me, they would be the ones who should remember what it was like before.

I’m not all doom and gloom, maybe the majority knew something I don’t, saw something to convince them that I missed.

It feels like we are setting off on a Voyage, a voyage into unchartered waters. There maybe stormy seas ahead and we don’t know what we will find at the other end.

For the sake of my children and my children’s children. I hope this will be ok, or maybe even good, hell no lets be optimistic and make this great! Won’t be easy but we’ve pulled up the anchor and our voyage has begun.

I will always remain an Internationalist, lets hope we can work with the World.


4 thoughts on “So Britain, we’re on a voyage.

  1. There’s always the Commonwealth. That said, I’m a Australian Republican so am watching Brexit with interest. Not sure we want Britain to suddenly pick up where she left off. We’ve moved on. Well, at least speaking for myself. Hope the transition goes well.
    xx Rowena


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