Brexit Tea

I’m ashamed to be British at the moment, we need to sort this mess out now and fast!

Travel Much?

Welcome to yet another #WeekendCoffeeShare! Today I am welcoming you to Brexit Tea(Formally known as High Tea) – and I stray from the purely joke-part of my weekly Saturday feature. I might be able to sneak in a joke though.

1-13549217_1847166298837241_968068870_oIf we were having Brexit Tea, you might have noticed that some of you only got hot water. Those of you who got only hot water have one thing in common: you are Britons. I would like to welcome all you Britons to a tasting of next month’s flavor (or prophecy, if you prefer) – Hot Water! By voting for the Brexit, you cancelled out each and every commercial agreement you have! No more imports for you!

I know you Britons enjoy your coffee, and you also enjoy your tea. Your High Tea will now be reduced to High Hot Water, as both coffee and tea…

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