Mountains need respect.

It’s that time again to get the holiday cottage cleaned and ready for the next guests. The departing guests were a man and wife from France and Russia, and lived in London. There was definitely an elephant in the room as they were leaving today, no one wanted to mention the referendum, I certainly can’t, I’m too ashamed.

They’ve been in the cottage for a few nights, and have been ever so pleasant. I must admit on arrival, I found them a little strange, strange is wrong, I found them different, surprising. They said they had thought there were 2 beds. I explained no there is a bed for 2 people. I am intuitive enough to be able to tell this wasn’t what they wanted to hear. Who am I to reason why? So I said there is a 3rd bed that I can set up for them if they liked. They said, yes, and so a little bemused I set up the extra bed. I can only presume that either one of them was a big snorer or maybe they were Muslim? I believe in some Muslim faith man and wife can’t sleep in the same bed at a certain time of the month. It doesn’t really matter, I just need to respect their wishes and provided the bed.

I wonder who got the big bed!

They told me they planned to walk up Scafell Pike, the highest Mountain in England. I thought nothing more of it, other than they must have changed their mind as they never left the house before 1pm each day, even though the weather was lovely. I’m not complaining they were on holiday, they can do as they please.

One night as I was heading to bed about 11pm, I noticed their car was still not back. It did enter my mind, I hope they haven’t tried to climb Scafell after setting off so late. I dismissed it quickly, thinking no-one would set off so late up a mountain.

On seeing them the next day, that is exactly what had happened. They’d set off up (in sandals, I mean come on!!) and realised they weren’t going to get to the top as it started to go dark. They were then lost and couldn’t find the way down. No phone signal and very frightened. I am amazed that people don’t understand the dangers on these majestic mountains! However, as it is high Summer and the nights are so short, the darkness didn’t last for long and they were able to find their way back to the car by 8am. Thank goodness the weather was good and the night was warm The weather on the Mountains can change so quickly.

They were a lovely couple and I’m so glad their story has a happy ending!!

All ready for the nest guests to arrive, with baby makes 3.IMG_4693

Of course, they get treated to my garden flowers.

Flowers from the garden.

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