If we were having coffee

If we were having coffee, I’d apologise as not been around for a couple of weeks. Not because I didn’t have anything to tell you, quite the opposite. I had so much I wanted to tell you that I didn’t know where to start!

I would tell you about my fabulous holiday with my wonderful family and turning 50. Turning 50 wasn’t actually big deal, I still feel the same inside as I did when I was 30! But being away with my husband, 3 daughters, their husbands and their 6 children aged between 9 months and 2.5 years was fabulous.


I’d tell you that the stereotypes of the different countrymen is still alive and kicking. Stereotypes But that’s a whole other post. We all arrived from England to meet in Majorca, all inclusive, makes it so much easier with the children. I was a little worried before we went as one of the 2 year olds has a dairy and soya allergy. Were they going to be able to cater for him? I needn’t have worried, we made ourselves known to the restaurant manager and he personally showed my daughter round all the dishes he could choose from, which was basically all the freshly cooked foods.

The Grandchildren, I feel so lucky!

A dairy and soya free diet tends to be extremely healthy! He even went on one occasion to cut him some more ham as the ham that was out was on the table next to some cheese and he was worried about cross contamination.!

Something I hadn’t thought of, that my son in law did and worked very well was to have a printed out piece of paper, which basically said in Spanish “my child is allergic to dairy and soya, please help us feed him”. This was a God send in breaking the language barrier, as if we tried to explain ourselves, they thought we were saying he couldn’t have gluten!  I’m fairly sure my daughters all feel like they need a holiday to recover from their holiday with all the babies! Doesn’t make for relaxation. The Grand parenting was definitely the best position, we could shut the apartment door!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you the holiday cottage is doing brilliantly and that it’s booked up right until October. I never dreamed it would do so well.

Flowers from the garden.

I’m still managing to fill it with flowers from the garden, and have again been awarded super host from airBNB. It really matters to me that people have a good stay, and all recent guests have been lovely, I feel so lucky.

So all in all I have had a great couple of weeks, being 50 really isn’t too bad at all, in fact, so far, life just keeps getting better!



5 thoughts on “If we were having coffee

  1. Happy belated birthday! I’m glad that you had such a good time with your daughters and the grandkids, and to hear that the airBNB is doing well! We’re having a difficult time with the company here in New Orleans, because temporary rentals are supposed to be illegal but the police department is so overworked that they can’t possibly police all of it, and there are people buying up lots of properties and using them for airBNB, displacing locals from the neighborhoods. It’s a mess! I think it’s such a great idea but it is being abused.


    1. Oh dear, we do have the same problem round here, people buying second homes so house prices pushed up so young locals can’t get on the housing ladder. Our holiday let is part of our house that we don’t use now the children have all left. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

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      1. Yeah, we have the additional oddity, in New Orleans, of there not being a lot of room to spread out, so everything gets complicated.


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