It’s been a while…..

I haven’t written for a while, mainly due to life being so busy. Busy in the best way, one of my daughters and Grandchildren have been to visit from down South. With two small children aged 2 years and  a 10 month old baby, I rest my case on why I’ve been too busy to blog.

The visit was prompted by my daughter feeling a little desperate and, I think, a little homesick. Her husband was away for work and she was drowning due to lack of sleep as they both decided to have a patch of NO SLEEPING at the same time for the past 2 weeks. The 2 year old is also going through a stage of saying “No” to everything (even when he means yes) and just repeating things over and over again to get them to happen. For example, he likes Cars the disney movie and if he wanted it on, he doesn’t just ask, he just repeats ” Mqueen, Mqueen Mqueen, Mqueen” over and over until he either gets what he wants or has a melt down at the word no. Other favourite repeats are “Mummy or Mummy do it or No bed!”. Understandably, my daughter was finding this immensely irritating and with very little sleep was at the point of driving off into the sunset to join some foreign tribe and never to appear again.


For me, however, these 2 little children are just adorable. I try to help but my daughter isn’t the easiest person to help as she likes everything done in a certain way, and that’s difficult as someone who only sees the children on visits weeks apart. So by helping, I often find myself told that I’m doing it wrong (wouldn’t think I’d brought 3 children up….)  I don’t want to be chastising them or making them sad, and that’s a Nanny’s right isn’t it? I’ve done all the hard work raising 3 beautiful daughters who make me proud every day, so I get to spoil them don’t I? My daughter feels we undo all her hardwork though, and I can relate a little. One night when the baby of 10 months was having difficulty sleeping, my daughter wasn’t impressed when my husband and I began to entertain her ( she was being particularly cute). We got a telling off, it was our fault she wouldn’t sleep now or until she’s 35! We had a little titter, remembering nights like this when she was a baby and then tried to behave ourselves.

A couple of nights in and the two children decided to settle back down from their 2 week night time party and slept! My daughters mood lifted and all was right with the world.

One of my other daughters would bring her 2 children (exactly same ages) round to play with their cousins. At times this did mean a houseful, 6 adults and 4 children all in one not so large living room, so after dinner I kicked them all outside to play, adults included! This was my saviour and the toddlers especially had a whale of a time ( should that be wail? not sure of the origin of the saying). The adults playing washing line volley ball! The toddlers attempting to take the ball hostage.


Everyone slept well that night! Then it was all too soon time for my daughter to head South and return home. After a frenzied clean up, washing of sheets, reclaiming the space in my house……..the quiet was deafening. Come back soon?

It always gets me like that, a sense of relief at being able to sit down for 5 minutes after they’ve left, then wishing they would all come back.



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