Tending the garden.

Disclaimer – I cannot be held responsible for the small amount of vomit that might rush up the back of your throat. If an ageing female is something that distresses you or fills you with disgust, please read no further. Rules – let’s get this straight, this post is not for my son in Laws!! … More Tending the garden.


On a recent holiday to Majorca with my family, I have never seen a better display of stereotypical behaviour of different countrymen.if we were having coffee. Now, our group were all travelling from England and all but one were British, one was Zimbabwean. But we’re all family. I’m sure anyone seeing us arrive, Brits abroad, … More Stereotypes

Krispie cake.

If you’re wondering why I’m posting this recipe, the simplest ever, it is so I can show that a child on a dairy and soya free diet (my grandson) doesn’t have to miss out on those sweet treats or birthday party goodies. It took my daughter 5 months to get someone to listen to her, … More Krispie cake.