A place to bin those irritating things!


If you’ve stumbled across this page it is likely you’ve found something really irritating. It probably isn’t a view that is shared by everyone, but to you it’s big, you know one of those ‘it makes me want to scream’ moments. This page is for you, this is for you to list those things you want to exile from the planet forever!!  Those things that may appear trivial to someone else, but really make your blood boil! Obviously this isn’t actually going to happen, I make no wild claims that these irritants will miraculously disappear, but it is strangely cathartic shouting to the blogging world about what really has to stop! Feel free to post a link back to your blog where we can take a look at posts that aren’t just a whinge. :).

Let me be the first!

1.Top of my list has to be cold telephone callers! Those people wh ring up saying we can have anew boiler, or have thousands reclaimed through PPI. They should be banished into the ether! If I want a new boiler I’ll look up the reputable companies, if I have PPI, believe me, I’ve heard about it and I will reclaim it if I was mis sold. Leave me alone so I can actually start answering my phone again!

2. People who think dog poo bags look good on trees. I will never understand why people go to the bother of picking up there dogs doo doo then hanging the little plastic sack on a tree or flinging it in the bushes!! It’s worse than not picking it up and that’s just not on! People who do this should be banned from having dogs!

3. Toilet paper dispensers that only dish out one sheet. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Those dispensers that only let the roll wind enough for you to pull off one sheet of paper! Now I don’t have a huge arse but 1 sheet is not enough. If attempt to get another sheet the little fucker refuses to budge anymore. you think you’ve managed to grab a bit between your fingers but nooo, that was just a ruse and it comes away in a shred enough to cover your finger! You end up pulling thousands of bits off like confetti. So if the 1 person 1 sheet was a money saving design, it failed abysmally as the dispenser is left with something that looks like its been shredded by a hamster. BIN IT!




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